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Linux Consultancy

Linux is a server operating system much like Microsoft Windows server but it’s totally free under an open-source licence. Traditionally a cult system reserved only for NASA and those who live in their parent's basements – this is simply not the case today.

Linux is an incredibly robust system that powers many businesses online or on-premises deployments and its popularity within more traditional businesses is most definitely on the rise.

SystemLabs' engineers have expert knowledge of Linux and have built some of the Channel Islands largest telecommunication networks, supporting millions of pounds of revenue globally using it. If you're looking to use Linux then we're here to advise on your adoption path, provide you with the very best training and help with troubleshooting services. We even offer managed services where we can fully run your network or cloud application on your behalf by taking care of patching, backup, monitoring, maintenance and more.

We are also very familiar with the following open-source platforms:

CentOS / Ubuntu / Debian / Gentoo

MySQL, BIND, NTP, Apache, NGINX, Spacewalk, Ansible.

For expert advice and services with Linux get in contact with us.

Web Operations

Managing modern Web Applications is not easy. It takes advanced technical knowledge spanning multiple disciplines such as networking, storage, servers, operations, patching and DevOps. Finding individuals with all of these skills isn’t easy either, often companies have their developers working on the management of the applications for which they are writing code. This is an inefficient way of operating and as developers have different skillsets, it distracts from the development team's main role – they should be writing code not worrying about why Apache won’t start!

One of our unique offerings at SystemLabs is our Outsourced Web Operations. We will manage your production operations environment whilst integrating right into your existing development team. Taking care of 24/7 monitoring, trend analysis and capacity planning as well as advising on how to scale your web site/web application and building the systems required for delivery. A true DevOps service.

Cloud Design & Architecture

At System Labs, we've certainly got our head in the clouds. We will help you with your Cloud Infrastructure whether it's the design of Cloud-native Architecture for your application or the building of infrastructure and associated migration plans.

These days there are multiple cloud providers and we can help you with any of them, although we are Digital Ocean specialists. Working with the cloud is different from traditional hardware/storage and we have the specialist knowledge and skills required to work with this newer solution.

Do you need to keep your data on-premises? We can even build you your own on-premises cloud. We have a solution for every price point covering VMWare and Open Source alternatives such as Xen-NG.

Looking for cloud services, look no further, contact us today!

Zabbix Consultancy

Are you finding out your systems are down from your clients? Our engineers have a vast experience in building bespoke monitoring solutions to alert you of any issues. Our experience in this spans many sectors including Telecommunications, e-commerce and public infrastructure. Leveraging the latest open-source software like Zabbix & Grafana we can help build out custom low-cost alarming to help your ops team cut through the noise and focus on your business.

Case Studies.

The Bailiwick Express.

Industry: Online Media

We saved the Bailiwick Express 40% on their OPEX Cloud costs by redesigning and optimising their cloud infrastructure.

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