The Challenge.

After experiencing a security breach which saw their emails hacked, Bellpumps needed urgent help in identifying and isolating the root cause of a spoof email which was being sent out from their email address. Being hacked not only compromised their network, but threatened to infect the computers of customers who opened the email too, and so they needed a solution.

The Solution.

First steps

An urgent problem required an urgent response. After Bellpumps reached out to us we met with them as soon as possible and ran a full security review across their machines and their network to identify the issue.

As part of this we were able to review the security solution they had installed at the time and pin point where the breach had occurred. In addition to dealing with the core issue we used this information to establish what protocols would need to be put in place in order to prevent future security breaches.

Dealing with the threat

As a first port of call, we installed SystemLabs’ endpoint security solution, which scanned Bellpumps’ IT system at a granular level. The scan identified the source of the breach and isolated it in a sandbox environment. Using this approach meant were able to open and analyse the suspected malware while simultaneously preventing it from damaging Bellpumps’ system further. With the threat identified and isolated we were able to reverse the damage to the network and restore the system to its previous state before the malware took hold.

Securing the system

With the threat neutralised we then shifted our focus to securing Bellpumps’ network to prevent future threats. In order to do this we needed to ensure that no more spoof emails could be sent out. To prevent this we installed SystemLabs’ email security solution and used it to set up outbound filtering in the SPF record. This meant that we had to create a list of IP addresses which were approved to send messages using a Bellpumps email address. Any machines that were not on the list and tried to send emails were immediately blocked, meaning that nothing from unapproved sources could be sent out.

We also configured the email security solution to scan all links contained within emails to ensure they are from the approved source list. Similarly to the email security, any links that were not approved or deemed dangerous were isolated and highlighted to the user as potentially harmful.

We also added a layer of security for the Bellpumps’ employees by installing CEO Fraud protection measures. This measure protected the staff against fraudulent requests which are cleverly designed to appear to be sent from a senior employee or manager at the company and often result in a loss of funds or fake invoices being paid.

Future proofing

To ensure that no future attacks could impact Bellpumps’ IT system, email or their customer base, we installed SystemLabs’ anti-virus and anti-ransomware software which, in addition to the link scanning and the outbound filtering installed with the email security solution, protected their network in a broader way by protecting against viruses and spyware. This replaced the legacy security solution Bellpumps had in place which had failed to prevent the spoof email scam and left them vulnerable to attack.

Managed service

Following the security breach, Bellpumps realised that in order to protect their network and their customers in the future their cyber security needed more attention. As part of our offering, SystemLabs now completely manage Bellpumps’ IT security, with threat monitoring, management of potential threats and updates of all security software managed by us on a 24/7 basis.

Client feedback

Alan Le Quesne, the Managing Director of Bellpumps said “I was very impressed with the timeliness and efficiency of the operation. We were back up and running the next day. Since we’ve had this system installed we’ve not had any issues at all. It just runs in the background and requires pretty much no input from us. Whenever we have had any queries at all SystemLabs have always got back to us very quickly - they’ve been very helpful all the way through.”

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