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Digital Jersey is an economic development agency and industry association seeking to support the growth of the digital industry in Jersey.

The Challenge.

When Digital Jersey approached us, one of the biggest needs they expressed to us was finding IT support which could respond to the varied needs of their business.

With a team who all have different roles and therefore IT needs, Digital Jersey requires a provider that can deliver coherent and consistent support across a multitude of systems, software and different levels of capability.

Areas which require support include dealing with hardware issues across the team, such as maintenance, troubleshooting and resolution of issues across both Windows and Mac machines. They also require maintenance and troubleshooting of WiFi across various Digital Jersey sites. In addition, the team need to ensure the compatibility of Digital Jersey IT equipment and the audio-visual equipment in meeting rooms and at events, which is key to the smooth running of the business.

As the team at Digital Jersey have a good level of knowledge we need to create and manage policies which ensure that rights are assigned in a way that allows the business control but still gives the team a level of autonomy, which is important for both the business and staff alike. We work directly with them to ensure this is managed in the best way for the business.

For the Digital Jersey team, another key concern is that any issues can be reported and addressed in a personable way.

The Solution.

Central to a positive experience for Digital Jersey was the personal approach and the sense of partnership we provide.

Digital Jersey has found that having a specifically assigned engineer who responds to queries and deals with issues has ensured that they get a responsive and directed service that meets their needs quickly.

This personable approach has created a relationship where SystemLabs are viewed as part of the Digital Jersey team as opposed to an outside provider. This closeness has also built a relationship where our engineers are familiar with the equipment of the individual users and the organisation more broadly. The understanding of the engineers we have assigned to Digital Jersey and the fact we “get them” has not only provided efficient responses but a sense of confidence between both parties.

Each team member at Digital Jersey can reach out to us either via phone or the provided ticketing system. To address smaller issues, SystemLabs proactively offered to be present in the Digital Jersey office once a month for a morning so they are readily available to provide in-person support at a set time, allowing the team the opportunity to address these.


By choosing SystemLabs as their service provider, Digital Jersey has seen a noticeable reduction in issues for users due to some proactive choices from our team.

By fully understanding their needs we ensure that instead of, for example, applying blanket rules which force updates to users, a process that can interrupt a working day, we prompt users to install these and anyone unable to do this within the suggested time frame is contacted individually and a solution is found.

Amy Taylor, the COO of Digital Jersey also highlighted that the billing and administration processes at SystemLabs have provided huge clarity for them, helping them easily understand their hourly use. She also stated that the initial audit SystemLabs conducted before take-on means that the monthly estimate of needed time is accurate as we were able to fully understand their needs from the outset. This has prevented unexpected costs, an ongoing positive for Digital Jersey which is also supported by proactive and regular communication.


Amy Taylor the COO of Digital Jersey said, "We have a strong sense of partnership with the team. When I call on them I feel like I’m calling on a part of our internal team. There isn’t a faceless help desk approach at SystemLabs. What’s great is they listened to where we were having challenges and made a particular point of proactively tackling those and letting us know it was done so I didn’t need to worry. This just shows they listen and are committed to providing us with a great service."

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