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We provide our robust outsourced IT procurement and support services for 20 Gardening Direct members of staff.

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IT Business solutions.

Digital Transformation.


As a local company with multiple sites across the Island, Gardening Direct were looking for assistance to transform their existing systems and install efficient digital solutions.


The Challenge.

Gardening Direct had multiple users across 3 sites, all of which were using legacy equipment and connecting via expensive private circuits.

The transformation requirements were under tight timelines as Gardening Direct was about to move offices and wanted the work completed in time for the move.

There was also a large amount of data to migrate and multiple users accounts to transfer without interrupting their service.

The Solution.

As a first step to ensure Gardening Direct was ready to go on Monday morning we planned the work over the weekend.

Ahead of this, we worked with the key company stakeholders on a Friday afternoon. This allowed us to gather a snapshot of the company data so we could migrate their file servers in Microsoft Azure over the weekend and have it available to their team on Monday.

As part of that we carried out three brand new network builds over three different sites across the Island. We also created a brand-new Active Directory domain in the cloud to facilitate the user authentication which was linked to Office365. This provided seamless single sign-on for all users whether in the office or on the move. We also set up managed backups to ensure company data was never lost.



Following the physical move and the digital transformation work being implemented, we became Gardening Direct’s outsourced IT department, providing on-call support at the fraction of the cost of having an in-house team.

As part of the transformation, we provided Continuous Remote Security Management to ensure that Gardening Direct had the latest cyber security measures in place and that the software was always updated with the latest patches.

As another benefit of the digital transformation for Gardening Direct, we procured and deployed around 19 new Windows desktop machines and laptops with great savings.


By replacing expensive circuits with simple Site-to-Site VPNs that operated on the Microsoft Azure platform, we were able to provide a secure network for Gardening Direct at a significantly reduced cost. The physical servers which previously stored all of their data was no longer required reducing required office space and electricity bills.

With this and the many changes we implemented for Gardening Direct we successfully reduced their annual IT spend by a huge 62.5%.


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