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Understanding the benefits of Microsoft Intune.

Mar 23, 2023

Endpoint management via the cloud.

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based endpoint management solution providing companies and IT departments control apps, identities and devices. In a time of increasing remote and hybrid workforces, Intune provides admins with an efficient tool to protect and manage organisation data, have complete control of end-user access, and support users working either on-site or remotely.

App Management

Intune allows organisations to deploy and control apps across all connected devices. It is compatible with Android and iOS mobile operating systems and allows organisations to package and deploy their apps.

For organisations that want to control the software their employees can use, Intune offers the option to create a software repository for employees to access and download apps and programs. Specific apps can also be pushed out to employees.

Intune also offers admins the option to enrol machines into hardware hashing, which means if a machine is stolen and wiped, it will be automatically re-enrolled to a company’s system.

Policy Management

Each organisation sets and manages its policies. Intune allows admins to deploy these policies across their own and employees' devices from one point, ensuring compliance across the board.

This is particularly helpful when tackling data loss prevention due to Information protection policies. These prevent users from copying and pasting text or screen-shotting company emails, for example, providing owners with protection.

Manage Group Identities

Via the Intune platform, admins can manage user accounts from one place.

This includes setting policies and managing settings for user identities, including security settings and managing access to the network and resources.

Intune Reports

Microsoft Intune provides admins with the option to create custom reports as well as view reports on device compliance, device health, and device trends.

Data available includes insights such as any devices which are not compliant with security policies, trends and histories of device usage and provides access to raw data so that customised reports can be created.

Endpoint Analytics

Via Microsoft Intune, admins can get a clear view of any issues or disruptions at the endpoint which may be affecting users.

Having this in-depth view includes seeing hardware that may require updating or cause users’ machines to run slowly. This view also shows the admin's software configurations, which may require patching or updating and issues that may have arisen following user configuration updates.

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