Reduce your costs and gain access to our proactive partner support.

Benefit from a simplified billing experience and a flexible approach with terms that suit you.

Our team of experts share program, licensing and product knowledge to help you optimise your spend and cut down costs for your Microsoft licenses.

Understand the appropriate licenses your organisation needs. Know the terms and conditions and obtain the necessary documentation. 

Stay complaint with licensing agreements. We manage your software licenses with Microsoft including license usage, tracking expiration dates and providing notifications for renewals or updates.  

We facilitate the relationship with the vendor and keep up to date with the latest updates from Microsoft.  

We ensure your licensing is optimised and your costs are reduced. We offer advice on enhancing usage to avoid over- or under-licensing which can lead to additional costs and compliance issues. 

Our team keeps track of your renewal dates and ensure timely renewals to avoid disruptions in your software usage as well as facilitating the renewal process. We can also assist in migrating licenses between different versions or editions of software.  


  • Insight into maximising your current licensing
  • Access to cost-saving opportunities
  • Proactive guidance and support
  • Facilitated renewals process
  • Stay compliant
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest from Microsoft

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