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SystemLabs’ CI Island Lottery Checker Web App Used to Check Over 50,000 Numbers.

Dec 20, 2022

Congratulations to the winners!

The Channel Island Lottery Checker tool we built was used to check 54,041 numbers prior to the draw.

We built this web app to provide Islanders who played the lottery with an easy way to check their numbers. Released a week before the draw, users from across the Islands saved their numbers steadily. The final day before the draw saw a huge surge in use, with over 20,000 numbers added in the last 24 hours.

Users were able to set up an account and save all of their numbers within the site. They were then notified if they had won by email or could view winning tickets by logging into the site. Anyone wishing to create an account and save their numbers still can and will be instantly notified of any prizes they have won by visiting

The tool, which was free to use, was set up by SystemLabs as way to make life a little easier for Islanders.

Steve Quinn, our Chief Product Officer here at SystemLabs said, “As a team of creative people we’re always coming up with ideas for our clients. When this idea came up we knew it was an opportunity for us to give back to fellow Islanders. It was great that so many people used it. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive from all of our users and we’re so happy we were able to use our skills to provide this site for our fellow Islanders to use.”