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Cyber Security Awareness Month Top Tips.

Oct 10, 2022

Protect your systems and data.

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month which means it’s time to shine a light on a few things that you could be doing to protect your systems and data.


Once installed, security software needs regular patching to ensure the latest updates and newest features are installed and working. If you’re not doing this you could be missing a vital update which would provide protection against a new threat.

Password security

Passwords are the first line of defence when it comes to protecting your information. Complex passwords that you may feel are not easy to guess may be easily breakable with the software used by hackers. Programmes can run through hundreds of password options in just seconds and quickly infiltrate your network and data.

Ensuring you’re using a sophisticated password may not be enough. Two factor authentication provides a second line of defence and ensure even if your password is broken your account is protected with a code unique to your solution.

Preventing Data Loss

While technology can protect against many threats human error is still a risk as is malicious behaviour. With an increase of home and remote working it is vital that you have a way to ensure your data is not being shared outside of your organisation. Utilising sophisticated software which learns patterns of behaviour and recognises anomalies is one of the few ways you can ensure your data is protected.

Endpoint security

There are a myriad of ways in which security can be breached. With a rise of ‘hacktivism’ and ever-changing threats it is vital to ensure that each individual endpoint is protected. Installing agent-based protection on each laptop, desktop and mobile device can prevent, detect and neutralise any kind of threat is a necessity.

CEO Fraud

Have you ever had an email from a colleague and been asked to share and internal document? When these requests come from someone within your organisation and someone you trust most people have no hesitation in sharing data. CEO fraud capitalises on this and ‘spoofs’ email addresses so they look near identical to the real thing. By sending fake emails from a near identical address cyber criminals can gain access to sensitive data and use it to hold organisations to ransom.

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