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Service Spotlight: Cyber Security.

Oct 14, 2021

Protection for you and your business.

Cyber security threats are always evolving. Changes in technology and tactics means that all users need to be constantly aware of potential threats which could affect them.

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic we saw a spike in cybersecurity attacks and people coming to us for help. This was due to many people shifting to working from home and were no longer protected by their workplace’s secure network. Those behind these attacks knew that many people were vulnerable due to a lack of their normal security setup and took their chance.

Here’s 5 areas that we can help you with through our Cyber Security services.

Security reviews

Our comprehensive security reviews will analyse your system and identify any potential security vulnerabilities. As part of this we can make recommendations to you as necessary, which includes securing everything from your network and emails to your servers and hardware.

Security products

We offer a full range of products and services which cover everything from anti-virus software and firewalls, through to encrypted USBs and software that can remote wipe your machine in the event of a physical loss, that we can manage and monitor on your behalf, saving you time and stress.

Storage and memory

Securing your customer details and storing data safely is at the heart of compliance regulations for businesses. We are able to source, install and secure your storage in order to ensure your data is protected.


Want to increase your knowledge or help bring your staff up to speed with new software? Our team is able to offer in-depth training on the software we install as well as educational training on the kind of threats that could compromise your network, and how this may reach your team members.

Support and services

Security threats are ever-evolving and therefore ongoing support is vital. From 24-hour monitoring to identify and deal with potential threats to ongoing support for technical queries and updates to software.