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5 Ways to Ensure Your Data is Protected.

Jan 26, 2023

Data Privacy Day is upon us. Every year the day serves as a reminder to take a look at how we manage our data and ensure it is protected.

Use strong passwords

It may sound obvious but often one password is all that is needed to access all information on an individual or company computer. If your password is something obvious like 123456, or Password 123 it will be easily guessed. Ensuring you have a password complexity policy in place will ensure none of your team have a password that can be guessed easily and therefore that the data you hold is better protected.

For extra security, you can opt for a multi-factor authentication solution.

Take care when working remotely

There’s never been a larger remote workforce than right now. When working remotely the added security of a company network is no longer in place. It is vital to ensure that your cyber security solutions include endpoint security. Installing software agent protection on each endpoint will ensure that no matter where you or your employees are working you have an added layer that will benefit from the same level of protection.

WiFi Security

Having security installed at a WiFi level adds another layer of security for the devices connected to your network. Without this added layer of protection, anyone can connect to your WiFi network. Having a separate guest WiFi network means that you can segregate general, untrusted user access from accessing and potentially controlling the business WiFi network that contains your data.

Control Data Access

When you store all of your data on your network anyone else with access to your network can see your data.

For example, budgets, financial details, personnel contact details, and other sensitive data could be unknowingly available to anyone within your network.

Managing permissions around folders to ensure your team only has access to the relevant folders and not sensitive data is vital.

The Human Factor

Protecting your data can be done at many levels, but even with high-level protection, there is still the human factor to take into account.

Accidental data loss, through negligence or lack of awareness, can and does happen. Educating your team is vital but having a line of defence will add to your security in another way.

Installing data loss prevention solutions, which are designed to monitor human behaviour and notice anomalies or errors, which go against company policy, can help mitigate the loss of data due to human error.

Next Steps

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