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Service Spotlight: Managed Service Provider.

Jan 13, 2022

IT management and support for you and your business.

For many businesses having to take care of their IT is a distraction from focusing on the running of their business. Having a managed service provider means that the day-to-day running and maintenance of your IT is something you no longer have to worry about.

So what does a managed service provider actually do?

System Monitoring

IT systems are central to the running and management of businesses. Without your systems up and running vital business functions such as websites and the servers that hold all of your data can’t operate.

As an MSP we pro-actively monitor our client’s systems, networks, firewalls and servers to avoid any interruption in service. We have an alert system in place that flags any potential issues, critical errors or when any servers are about to breach their storage. By monitoring your systems in this way it means that anything that could potentially cause an interruption in your service provisions is flagged and handled before it becomes an issue. We know through experience that highlighting an issue to a client and notifying them we’re handling it is much better than waiting for a call informing us a system is down.

Remote Patching of End Points

Keeping your IT systems running will often involve keeping them up to date with the latest software releases while also ensuring bug fixes and new releases are installed. Doing this can be time consuming if you’re unsure of what to do and you’re cautious about the authenticity of what you’re installing it can also be a worry. With an MSP in place all of this is taken care of.

By logging into your systems remotely we are able to keep your systems up to date and protected without needing to come into the office and interrupting your day. Not only will we make sure your operating systems are up to date but we’ll actively ensure your applications, like Zoom, are running the latest updates and software.

This means you don’t lose any of your working day and can rest assured that your systems are running at optimal performance.

Security and Anti-virus Management

With cyber security threats constantly evolving, staying ahead of the curve is key to staying properly protected. As a managed service provider who specialises in cyber security we are always at the forefront of the latest developments in malware, spyware and viruses.

Keeping ahead of the latest threats means we are able to ensure that we know how to deal with any new threats and that the software used to protect you and your business is able to protect you from anything new that emerges.

We will ensure you are protected by using the latest link scanning, web malware filtering and having anti-ransomware protection in place on all backups of your data.

If at any point a security breach does take place, we offer assurance that we will be able to stop the issues, repair the damage and get your business back operating ASAP.

Office365 & Cloud Management

Office365 is the most popular choice of business suites, but with such a vast ecosystem it can be tricky to manage. We can help you maximise your Office365 usage, provide advice on best practice and even manage your license and users. When you hire new staff, you can be sure everything is ready for them on their start date with all the required access and permissions.

Businesses are increasingly moving away from physical servers in cupboards, and instead making use of cloud-based storage like Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS. If this approach is new to you or your business, we are able to help plan and deliver an effective cloud strategy which is more efficient, resilient and cost effective than traditional hardware infrastructure.

Asset Management & Procurement

Just like systems and software, your IT hardware is vital to business management. Having a local MSP available to help you when you have any issues, to perform vital maintenance, repair or upgrade your hardware means that you know your systems are in safe hands. We have partnerships with leading hardware providers and are happy to acquire and supply all your hardware, along with the necessary software, at competitive prices.

Until the end of January 2022 we are offering free security software licenses with any managed service provider contract.