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Our Director Takes up a New Role as CCO.

Feb 07, 2024

Alex Blackwell takes up a new role.

Our Director Alex Blackwell, takes up a new role as Chief Commercial Officer. Originally the Chief Operations Officer, Alex has made the shift to overseeing the commercial arm of the business.

Alex joined the business in 2021 following the acquisition of Redcoin, the IT security products and services distributor of which Alex was the Managing Director. In his new role, Alex will also oversee the expansion of SystemLabs' Hardware Procurement and Software Licensing services, including the opening of an office in Milton Keynes.

This move focuses on leveraging the strengths within the business. Alex’s experience in commercial and strategic goals and setting and achieving revenue targets will enable him to support our existing customer base to see the most value from their solutions.

The expansion of our Hardware Procurement and Software Licensing services will also continue to enable us to support our client base by providing resource to facilitate subscription renewals and supporting client journeys for new projects. The team will work to secure the best cost and value for clients’ requirements by leveraging our supplier Partner status, while being supported by in house technical capabilities for proof of concepts, implementations and migrations.

This growth will be focused in Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle and Man and the United Kingdom with the new SystemLabs office, a strategic move for the future of the company.

Alex Blackwell, our Chief Commercial Officer, said, ’I am excited to take up this role. This strategic shift within the team enables us to best support our existing and future clients, ensuring advantageous commercial outcomes for their requirements. The expansion of our Hardware Procurement and Software Licensing services also enables us to better service our clients through our key partner status with vendors such as ManageEngine, HPE, Fortinet and Microsoft.’