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Reflecting on Remarkable Growth in 2023.

Jan 16, 2024

Our CEO, Steve Quinn, reflects on SystemLabs' growth in 2023.

"As the CEO of SystemLabs, I am immensely proud to share our journey through 2023 – a year marked by substantial growth, significant achievements, and a steadfast commitment to excellence in the IT solutions sector. As Jersey's trusted IT solutions and services provider, we've always aimed to ensure that technology acts as an enabler, not a blocker, for agile business growth. This year, we've seen those efforts bear fruit in remarkable ways."

Continued Expansion and Team Evolution

2023 was another significant milestone year for SystemLabs, characterised by doubling our size. Forming our Senior Leadership Team was a substantial step in maturing our organisation, providing strategic direction across various departments, and ensuring they operate as one. Last year's growth wasn't just in the number of team members but in the talent and expertise. Our team, now over 20 strong, is a blend of local talent and international experience, working seamlessly to deliver unparalleled IT solutions.

Strengthening Network Capabilities

A key focus in 2023 has been on solidifying our network capabilities. Adding two of Jersey's leading network engineers to our team has greatly enhanced our service offerings. Their expertise has fortified our existing services and opened doors to new possibilities and innovations. Looking ahead to 2024, we aim to strengthen this department further with more strategic hires, reinforcing our position as a leader in network solutions in Jersey.

Client Base Growth and Industry Impact

SystemLabs has always been deeply committed to understanding and fulfilling the unique IT needs of our clients. This year, we've seen substantial growth in our client base, particularly in the finance industry, both in Jersey and Bahrain. This expansion is a testament to our tailored approach to IT solutions, which resonates strongly with the nuanced needs of finance and legal industries.

Enhancements in Procurement and Internal Processes

Our Hardware and Software procurement department has experienced massive growth, reflecting our commitment to sourcing the best hardware and software for our clients. In parallel, we've achieved several key certifications – ISO 27001, ISO 22301, and ISO 9001. These certifications are not just accolades but integral to our promise of delivering quality, secure, and resilient IT services.

Recognition and Leadership Excellence

Receiving the IoD Director of the Year award was a personal highlight. This accolade goes beyond personal recognition; it underscores SystemLabs' culture of dedication, innovation, and excellence—principles that every team member embodies. This culture is the foundation of our success and the driving force behind our exceptional client experiences.

Looking Forward

As we step into 2024, our vision for SystemLabs is crystal clear. We aim to continue our growth trajectory while maintaining the high standards that our clients have come to expect. We look forward to embracing new challenges, exploring innovative solutions, and continuing to provide exceptional IT services that empower businesses to be agile and efficient.


Reflecting on this transformative year, I am both humbled and energised. Leading SystemLabs through such dynamic growth has been an enriching experience, both personally and professionally. As we look to the future, our commitment remains unwavering: to be the catalyst for agile business growth through innovative and enabling IT solutions.'


Steve Quinn

Chief Executive Officer