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Our Second Acquisition in as Many Months.

Nov 11, 2021

We are growing...again!

We have made our second business acquisition in as many months. Our latest acquisition is that of Red-Alert, a cyber security and communication company which specialises in providing managed services and security solutions for small to medium enterprises.

The move allows us to enhance our current offering of security products as well as secure internet telephony services to businesses across the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man and the UK.

As part of the acquisition we will also take over the management of Red-Alert’s clients across the Channel Islands and in the UK.

Acquiring Red-Alert is part of our growth plan designed to meet the rise in demand for our services among existing clients while welcoming new ones on board.

Jamie McDonald, our Director and Head of Infrastructure said, “The pandemic saw a massive shift in how people worked and an increase in the need for cyber security. In addition, internet telephony replaced traditional in-office phone networks and the acquisition of Red-Alert means we are not only expanding our existing services but adding another layer of support to our existing customers. We also look forward to welcoming a host of new clients in the Channel Islands and the UK.”