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Service Spotlight: Data Loss Prevention.

Jun 30, 2022

Protecting the data you hold.

Data Loss Prevention is all about mitigating the loss of company data. Data loss can impact an organisation in a variety of ways. Non Compliance with regulations, Reputation and brand damage, financial loss or IP theft are but a few examples.

Data loss prevention can occur in different ways. Employees could unintentionally or maliciously send data outside of the Corporate network, while a hijacked user account could give remote access to cyber criminals. Ensuring data transfer is audited, controlled and protected, is a standard business requirement nowadays.

So with such an array of threats, how do you ensure your data is protected against loss? Here are just a few of the touch points we cover when helping protect your organisation and its data.

Outside Attacks

Data loss can occur due to outsider attacks. Sophisticated events such as CEO fraud leave data vulnerable, especially when workers are not on a secure network.

With the increase of remote working, securing at the endpoint is vital to ensuring company data is protected.

Social engineering and phishing attacks can inadvertently lead to Microsoft credentials being shared with a Cyber Criminal. Security awareness training should rolled our company wide to invest in strengthening your human Firewall.

Another key action to take is to deploy endpoint security across all of the machines. This ensures that the all users have the same level of protection on their machines as if they were working within the secure company network.

Insider Threats

Human centred issues are estimated to be at the root of 90% of data loss incidents. These range from human error to data theft and this is something that many security software applications fail to pick up on or identify. This is because malicious activity from inside your organisation is something antivirus software is not able to pick up.

To prevent data loss at a human level deploying software which learns the typical behaviours of your employees and then is able to identify anomalies, such as accessing data which they have never before used or searched for, connecting USB devices and even attempting to change or changing applications.

With this kind of machine learning in place, organisations can rest assured that any user behaviour which is out of the ordinary can be immediately flagged to an IT administrator, allowing them to either monitor the user behaviour or immediately block an action.


Creating a culture which is security focused is a core part of protecting your company. Making your team aware of the array of ever evolving potential threats that could leave their data vulnerable is a vital to preventing data loss.

We provide education for organisations and teams that not only demystify some of the latest security vulnerabilities, but also help them to spot potential threats, both externally and with their own behaviour that could accidentally lead to data loss.

To find out more about how we can help you protect your data, get in touch.