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Service Spotlight: Security Review.

Feb 16, 2022

Ensuring your security is up to scratch.

Keeping on top of the latest developments in cyber security is a full-time job. Threats evolve quickly and those behind them are constantly finding and exploiting new vulnerabilities.

The best way to stay protected is to ensure you are aware of any weak points in your system that may be open to attack and put in place protection.

The best way to do this is through a thorough security review.

Take a look at what we do when we carry out a security review and why it’s so crucial to keeping your systems safe.

Gather an understanding of your applications and business use case

The first port of call of a full security review is to fully understand what you need. We do this by talking to you about your business, how you use your systems and what you use them for. By understanding your unique uses we are able to align any recommendations we make with your specific needs.

Deep dive into your current security setup

After the initial meeting we will do a deep dive into your system and the existing security measures you have in place.

We then also look for areas that may be vulnerable, such as system weaknesses, out of date software or blind spots that your current security does not address.

This review takes half a day and gives us a holistic view of your system and how to protect it.

Produce a detailed report on findings

Following on from our physical deep dive into your systems we will produce a detailed report on our review, including details on what we did, what we found, including vulnerabilities, the location on the system and the potential impact this could have on your data and your business.

Provide recommendations on improvements

To ensure you’re able to move forward confidently knowing your systems and data are fully protected we will provide you with a complete set of recommendations and improvements that can be made to your IT setup.

These recommendations will range from security software you may need that you don’t already have and the threats it will protect you from to staff awareness training in relation to spoof emails and other potential scams they may encounter.

All of our recommendations are based on real world scenarios and potential threats and are always tailored to your personal IT system, your business and its needs.

If you would like a full security review get in touch to find out more: