Service Level Agreement.

SystemLabs provides a SLA for all Managed Service Clients.

Priority Ratings

Tickets received by will be triaged according to the SystemLabs standard priority rating based off of the ITIL framework for Incident and request response, utilising Impact and urgency Matrix:

The incident will be assessed to determine the severity and impact of the issue. This may involve investigating, gathering information, and analysing the data to determine the best course of action, to return the organisation to business as usual as soon as possible.

High Medium Low
High 1 2 3
Medium 2 3 4
Low 3 4 5


Critical outages that have immediate affect on all users or an entire service, which affects multiple users from accessing or completing business as usual activities.


Significant incidents which affect part of the service or part of the user base in completing normal business activities. This category is also used for proactive remediation works to systems or infrastructure which maybe of threat of business activities.


Moderate affect to one or more users that have a measurable impact on operations maybe delaying work or stopping part of a service from performing normal activities.


Minor Incidents affecting singular users, slow systems, service is not performing within usual requirements which is slowing the service of normal activities to the business and operations.


General inquiries and informational requests to SystemLabs, does not directly impact any part of operations. This is also used as the Priority universally assigned to any request for purchasing of licensing, software or hardware etc

Support Availability

Users of the support services will have the ability to log support calls using the web portal 24x7 however, calls will be responded during the SystemLabs Operating Hours. Phone calls will also be answered during the standard operating hours.

SystemLabs Operating Hours:

SystemLabs' operational hours for providing technical support and assistance are from 0900 to 1700, Monday to Friday. These hours represent the period during which SystemLabs' technical staff will actively respond to support requests, incidents, and service inquiries, within the SLA Window. SystemLabs adhere to Jersey standard public holidays.

SystemLabs Out Of Hours Support:

If the customer requires support outside of these hours they will be charged as per the rate card and costs must have prior approval from an authorised person(s) as per the client contact information. Calls will be responded to during this time on a best endeavours basis, unless the client has specifically signed an out of hours service agreement. This will be subject to the relevant retainers being in place to support such agreements.

Service Response Resolution Times

Priority Response Definition Response SLA Resolution Target
Respond with a patch, workaround or fix to resolve the Error so that it is no longer Priority Level 1 1 Hour 6 Hours
Respond with a patch, workaround or fix to resolve the Error so that it is no longer Priority Level 2 2 Hours 12 Hours
The Supplier shall consider whether the Error shall be resolved in any future Updates made available the Customer 4 Hours 5 Days
(Service Request)
The Supplier shall contact the correct vendor or person in charge to process the request. Resolution will be placed on hold whilst being processed by any 3rd party vendor. 1 Day 10 Days
(Request for Information)
The Supplier will respond within the allocated time however, due to the nature of the ROI they will not guarantee resolution to the ROI.
This is not inclusive of a Subject Access Request and will be managed via DPO agreement
2 Days 15 Days


Service Level Agreements will be reported on in the quarterly service review meeting, any breaches will be raised to the The client team officially as part of this meeting. As part of this meeting any allocation of Service Credits or remaining will be agreed upon by both parties in agreement with the contract.


Breaches within the SLA window will be reported on presented as part of the QSR and provided to The client to action and issue upon what further action would be taken and how the Service Credit will be utilised.